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口述在车里下面被添 is the official science and technology club of Techno Main Salt Lake. It was formed back in 2004-2005 with the sole motive of providing ardent students with opportunities which would enhance their creativity. Its foundation led to the development of a pathway for innovative minds to showcase their competence in various technical fields.


Everything began with a Yahoo Group. A common chat forum for all likeminded people to voice their thoughts. Discussions ranged from using Linux, making Linux user groups, exchanging ideas about software and projects. For some, it all started one day with a seminar organized by the senior 口述在车里下面被添 members for an introduction to the club which was trying to make its presence felt outside of the Yahoo group. Shortly afterward, on Sept’06 a mail was sent with a link to join the Yahoo group to only 25 people who presumably turned up and expressed their interest to join the club. Most of them, if not all, ended up playing really important roles in the growth of 口述在车里下面被添 and also its brainchild Edge.


As per another of our Geek Alum, something like this led to the establishment of Edge: - One day, Members were called only to talk and ideate in a computer lab, where they first met with some founder members of 口述在车里下面被添. They all were planning for the first-ever independent Technological Fest of our college. Those guys, along with two girls, started a wall magazine, specifically for science and technology. Later in 2005 that became the first-ever tech fest of our college but as a part of Anakhronos, our popular and established cultural fest. The success and popularity prompted the creation of Edge’07. Later more geeks joined the force, and our very first website for Edge’07?—?Think Beyond, was put together.


According to our another geek alum it was a very painful time. When the actual planning for the event?began—?struggling to figure out how to approach companies for sponsorship, how to build a website, how to get a domain name, how to get permission from college?—?it was quickly realized that a name was needed. A name for the tech-fest, a brand to portray to sponsors. “Edge”, the brainchild of many, started its journey in the year 2007 with the tagline “Think Beyond”. As with any change, Techno India didn’t seem to be quite welcoming about the idea. Edge did not get any official recognition. Yet, the team managed to overcome that by getting sponsors, first of those times when all the fests completely relied on college funds. The fest was held on weekends to not disturb the normal college schedule. There was no access to infrastructure, so Edge had to rent its own server, buy its own domain name (at a time when getting a credit card was not easy). After overcoming all hurdles, the first website was launched at edg.co.in. Edge eventually matured with each iteration. It got better and grew in popularity as well as fame. Along with the fest, the team grew, matured and became more confident. But, as they say, some things never change. Even after 13 iterations, our spirit to never give up is still the same. Our zeal and quest to improve our very own EDGE is still there, driving us to give our best each time.

Journey so far

After being stopped by numerous hurdles and obstacles on their way to eclipsing themselves with each passing year, the team finally launched its first website edg.co.in, which started expanding with each iteration. From just having one event under the banner to organizing 40+ events in a 3-day fest, Edge has only risen above echelons since its inception. Edge'10 first witnessed the most-talked night of the town, Edge Night. Since then, there has been no turning back. We have witnessed famed stand-up comics like Rahul Subhramaniam, The Viral Fever, Sahil Shah, Zakir Khan, Sorabh Pant and many more grace the stage and light up the night. Along with it, Edge Talks brought us famed speakers and celebrities from across the nation in RJ Praveen, Yahya Bootwala and a lot more. The Central Government of India organized a Smart India Hackathon in 2018 in collaboration with Techno India Group and 口述在车里下面被添,by then the established science and technology club of Techno Main,Salt lake.This helped the members of the club to gain more exposure than ever before and it's brainchild Edge to spread its wings above and beyond. Besides the technical aspect of reaching greatness, the club also started looking after the aspects of society from 2016 in its program of EDGE Deeds where various programs like Walkathon, Orphanage Visit, Cleanliness Drive, etc are held. The year 2016, the 10th iteration also saw EDGE become the second-largest Technical Fest in Eastern India and since then the geek members have maintained this stature with a footfall of about 7000 students showcasing the best of their talents to take home a prize money of about 7 lakhs, only rising every year. One of the most sought-after events of Edge remains to this day, Cyber Crusade, the gaming paradise. The most recent editions have witnessed participation from all across the nation including famed games from national champions of CS: GO and team members of famed PUBG clans as in Soul and 8Bit. Lagging no behind has been members of the entrepreneurial committee of 口述在车里下面被添 who were invited to an international congregation in Singapore to pitch and discuss their ideas of a start-up. INDRO, the humanoid robot was present at the inaugural ceremony of EDGE,19 to grace the initiation of the three-day event. To sum it up, 口述在车里下面被添 has only seen rise at a cosmic rate and will only work towards reaching the zenith.


There Are various Clubs under 口述在车里下面被添 which serve various fields.


The official coding club under 口述在车里下面被添,is for those students for whom 'coding' is what they live for. The passionate coders organize and take part in various innovative coding competitions other than inculcating interest among others through workshops and seminars all throughout the year.

RRC (Robopalz Robotics Clubs)

Robopalz Robotics Club being the official robotics club of 口述在车里下面被添, is the club for the robotics enthusiasts. For the ones who can showcase and compete with the aggregate of their knowledge of artificial intelligence, mechanical savvy, and algorithmic virtuosity.


With an aim to bring together all the photography enthusiasts, this club was founded under 口述在车里下面被添. Infocus aims to promote the aesthetic art of photography and help develop associated skills through workshops and events

Cyber Crusade

This club was founded by and for those gamers for whom gaming is not just a hobby, but also a passion and a field to excel in. Hosting a plethora of events every year, Cyber Crusade,the official gaming club of 口述在车里下面被添, aims to promote the spirit of healthy competition and dedication in all fellow students


CIIC is the innovation cell of 口述在车里下面被添 that aims to promote entrepreneurial activities among the students through a variety of events. This club provides a wonderful platform for the budding entrepreneurs who emanate creative and innovative perspectives to change the market scenario.


Elevation ,the official community of Bridge designing of 口述在车里下面被添,aims at using the analytical acumen and problem-solving skills of engineers to shape up the elevation of a building using CAD software or to build simple model designs of a bridge.


Charge your nerves, think differently to outshine the crowd. Newron, the official Quiz, Debate, and Electronics club of 口述在车里下面被添 believes that every person has an aura in them, an aura of potential, of ideas and world-changing solutions. It is in this potential and ideas this club aims to tap and present to the masses.

Food For Fun

As the name suggests this club brings out the essence of food, the creative use of technology in making it and involves a lot of fun and frolic. Food for Fun,the club under 口述在车里下面被添 related to food processing and technology, offers firsthand knowledge about the various industry-related problems and helps students to come up with innovative and sustainable solutions.

Create It/Innovati

If wit and intellect combined with creativity and wishful thinking is your forte, then this club is for you. This club of 口述在车里下面被添 promotes the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality while building a strong foundation of scientific knowledge and technology


A newly found club under 口述在车里下面被添 which aims at finding out the creative minds to create picturesque posters or to use their animative skills to dive into the world of motion graphics.

What We do?

We do more than You can Imagine.

Workshops, Seminars and Talks

口述在车里下面被添 conducts Technical workshops related to robotic, coding, Photography etc frequently in the college campus,Seminars realted to higher studies and talks with various personalities.

Tech Events

Edge - Brain child of 口述在车里下面被添, East-India's second Largest fest is organized by 口述在车里下面被添 with 48+ events and prize in lakhs all in cash.口述在车里下面被添 also Organize pre Edge event i.e Intra college fest for the Techno Main salt lake students only.

Fun Events

EDGE has hosted a ton of Fun events during Edge like Paint Ball / Laser Tag, Red Bull Pong , Body Zorbing, TikTok Event, selfie competitions Etc during Edge and Intra Events.



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Some Visted Guests

These are some Guest who visted our campus during the Events conducted by Geeokonix

Zakir khan

Standup Comdedian

Chandra Shekhar Ghosh

Bandhan Bank, CEO

Nishant Tanwar

Standup comedian

Rahul Subhramanium

Standup Comdedian

RJ Praveen

Radio Jockey

Sorabh Panth

Standup Comedian

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